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Together with my Forenom colleagues we offer about 500 apartments in Helsinki. We would love to see you in our flats

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  • Thomas reviewed Forenom Aparthotel Helsinki Kamppi 2017年8月15日
    Gave an average rating of: 4.1/5

    What I did not like: the entire booking procedure (having to wait for acceptance, while my credit card number was already given and I would have had to pay cancellation fee, if I pulled bac k, before confirmed), no 24h reception, complicated communication (thesea re things that would make me think twice about coming again - please change that, because otherwise your place is great!), and please mount a towel holder in room 707, bedside tables or something to put little things beside the bed (watch, phone,...) would be great too. What I did like: Nespresso in the room, clean place, shaving kit, conditioner, hair shampoo, ironing board ...all that can be found in the room - great! Location was good and a city bike rental station just around the corner - perfect. Please change the booking procedure and I´ll be soon your guest again.

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